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Why become a Member


*   Network with other Therapeutic Harp Practitioners throughout Australia

*   Discounts on ATHA Harp Workshops, Retreats & Conferences

*   News & Events

*   Access to Mentors

*   Find Harp Teachers, Harp Makers & Harp Repairers

*   Advertise your Harp Services for Free under "Find a Practitioner"

*   Free Advertising - New/Used Harps, CD's, Books, etc

*   Information on current Journal Articles, Blogs & Articles of Interest

*   Become involved in Therapeutic Harp Research Projects.

*   Therapeutic Harp Courses & Programs 


Who can become a Member


Any person who supports the purposes of the Association is eligible for membership


Membership Criteria


FULL MEMBERSHIP - A person who supports the purposes of the Association and meets the following standards is eligible for full membership


Basic training standards of a minimum of:


(a) An approved Therapeutic Harp Training Program with a minimum of 80 face to face training hours or equivalent


(b) Minimum 80 hours playing in environments in order to facilitate health and wellbeing, including hospital, hospice and aged care and other settings. This includes a minimum of 45 hours or direct individual bedside musical delivery and a minimum of 100 patients sessions


Insurance - It is strongly recommended that all members who are practising in the field are covered by appropriate professional indemnity insurance


Maintenance of membership - Requires a minimum 10 hours of Continuing professional Development per annum, or 30 hours over three years. Professional Development must directly enhance the work of the therapeutic harpist. All relevant documentation, including logs of professional development hours must be kept by the member, to be submitted for audit if requested by ATHA committee.


Ethical practice - All members are required to agree to and sign the "ATHA Ethics Statement" on application for membership and each year on renewal.


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Associate Members include any student or individual who is working towards completing the basic training standards in an approved Therapeutic Harp Training program


FRIENDS OF ATHA - Friends of ATHA  Members include anyone interested in the practise of therapeutic harp but who is not currently enrolled in an approved Therapeutic Harp Training program. 


(i) It is also open to any practitioner who is currently "inactive" or is semi-retired and who is interested in participating in the learning community of Therapeutic Harp Practice. 


(ii) It is also open to a student enrolled in or working towards completing the basic training standards in a non-approved Therapeutic Harp Training Program. 


How To Become a Member

Download and complete the Membership form


ATHA Membership Application form 




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