Western Australia


Areas of specialty: Therapeutic harp for palliative care, hospital, aged care, special events, meditation, yoga and sound baths.


Catherine is a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner who plays in palliative care, hospitals, aged care, meditation sessions, yoga sessions and one-on-one therapeutic harp sessions. Catherine regularly plays in the palliative care and rehabilitation units at Ramsay Health Care’s Glengarry Private Hospital in Duncraig. Catherine supports the patients, their families, friends, and the staff by playing in patient’s rooms and public spaces. Catherine specialises in crafting improvised music that responds to each unique situation, taking inspiration from the people present, the mood in the room and the needs of the patient.


In end-of-life care, harp music can create an environment where patients and visitors feel safe, connected and comforted. Catherine will undertake vigils where she uses harp to support the person during their transition, and to support their family and friends during and afterwards.


Catherine is Western Australia’s ATHA representative. Contact Catherine if you have questions about learning therapeutic harp or therapeutic harp services in Western Australia.