Clinical Musician Certification Program


Mission Statement: We will offer high quality, affordable, accessible, and flexible accredited therapeutic music training and certification for musicians. 

  • High quality--Meets all NSBTM accreditation standards and is continually updated.
  • Affordable--Low overhead expenses and efficient operation allow Harp for Healing to offer training at the lowest cost possible for the student. 
  • Accessible--Training is done through online resources, mentoring from a CMCP authorized mentor, and personal study. A reliable internet connection and proficiency in written and spoken English is required. 
  • Flexible--Students work at their own pace. There are no set timetables for completion. Course materials can be adapted to meet individual personal needs of the student. 



Harp for Healing website:


Informational video about therapeutic music


Informational video about Harp for Healing CMCP



Mary Stevens, CTM-CCM, VAHTP
Program Director, Harp for Healing

Clinical Musician Certification Program