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Australian Therapeutic Harpists Association

A Therapeutic Harp Musician is a professional who uses the elements of Live Harp Music and sound in a variety of settings to assist healing and wellbeing.


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Our Mission

To Promote and Support Therapeutic Harp Services and the development of this profession in Australia


Our Goals

*   To define standards that represent competent practice for Therapeutic Harp  Musicians

*   To provide and support opportunities for therapeutic harp practitioners


Our Logo

The ATHA logo incorporates the acronym of the Australian Therapeutic Harpist Association


The inclusion of a harp image instantly identifies that harp is central to the association. The harp shape is reflected by a curve on the opposite side, creating a heart shape. The heart signifies the caring, personal and passionate nature of therapeutic harp and its practitioners


The ATHA logo design and description by Catherine Lyons-Nash.



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