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Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner IHTP.


Vimukti's Bio

In my professional life I have mostly worked as a natural therapist, masseur, energy worker, yoga and meditation teacher and wellness instructor. I picked up the harp when I decided I wanted to learn the language of music some years ago.

It was through the International Harp Therapy Program that I could see a future for me with the harp. I could learn about music and the harp and provide service. Perfect. Yet, even though it has not been an easy path for me, over time I have fallen in love with it.

Here I am now, passionate about IHTP training and wanting to do whatever I can to have it available to all people, no matter whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced harpist. I want to be able to provide therapeutic harp for all people, for all animals, for all plants and basically for the entire Universe. Experiencing the power of striking one string!

I am open to exploring where harp therapy takes me.

In my professional practice at I include therapeutic harp as a complementary modality. Currently, in this modality I work with people in dementia care, palliative care and general aged care. I also work with animals (domestic, farm and wildlife) in various settings.

I have recently become an IHTP Mentor and IHTP-AU. Affiliate Representative as the Director.

I look forward to meeting you.